OG Battlefront Economy Overview

How Leveling Works

There are 9 levels in Battlefront, where each level becomes increasingly difficult to reach. Your playable character will dynamically change color as you progress through the 9 levels.

How XP Works

XP (Experience Points) is a measure of player progression in Battlefront. It’s an accumulation of your score and achievements in-game that ultimately determines how quickly you reach the next level in Battlefront.

How Scoring Works

Blocktopus (Bottom 2 rows): +10 score COPE Crab (Middle 2 rows): +20 score Smart Squid (Top row): +30 score

Moon Ship: +50, 100, 150, or 300 score

How Multipliers Work

Your playable character, or OG Collectible, carries a scoring multiplier with it. Depending on the combination and rarity of the traits applied to your OG Collectible, your scoring multiplier will earn you a multiple of the default scoring in Battlefront.

How $WAYE Points Work Points provide a quantitative answer to the question of how much a user has contributed to the SWAYE ecosystem’s growth.

Below are the following actions to earn $WAYE points:

Upgrading an OG Collectible NFT: 33 points

Participating in a Swaye campaign: 385 points

Playing OG Battlefront: Variable (You earn $WAYE Points depending on how well you play!)

Join Telegram group: 50 points

Follow Swaye on X: 50 points

Every month of having a Swaye account: 50 points/month

Link third party wallet to Swaye: 200 points

Referrals: 55 points per referred user

How Referrals Work:

The OGs Referral Program is tailored to empower influencers with strong followings within gaming, and broader Web3 ecosystems. The program structure:

  • Two-sided referral program: Both the referring influencer and the referee receive points and $WAYE token rewards for new user referrals.

  • Royalty Share: A 50% royalty share on OG Collectibles, creating a continuous incentive for influencers.

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