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The $WAYE Token is a community token. It’s a subscription to the SWAYE ecosystem, while also offering some cool perks. It can be earned through gameplay, referrals, social, and community participation, and engaging in SWAYE campaigns.


We employ a variation of the reserve utility model where $WAYE tokens are burned to perform upgrades and mints to OG Collectibles.

Economic Framework:

  1. A Two-Sided Referral System: Influencers benefit from additional $WAYE Tokens for each successful referral, while new users gain influencer-branded NFT traits.

  2. Royalty Sharing Model: 50% of the royalty is allocated to influencers from the secondary market volume of their branded OG Collectibles.

  3. Burn Mechanism: All tokens spent on upgrades will be burnt, to create a deflationary environment in the long term.

Token Economy Flow:

The SWAYE Economy represents an innovative paradigm, leveraging influencer marketing to forge a symbiotic ecosystem where enhanced user engagement and value generation are paramount. This model is anticipated to yield a virtuous cycle of growth, nurturing a vibrant and engaged SWAYE community.


$WAYE will be issued as a Sui token and deployed on the network shortly afterwards. At the token genesis event (TGE), 200 million $WAYE tokens will be created as the total token supply, which will never increase. No other tradable tokens are anticipated to be created or minted. $WAYE tokens will be allocated, distributed and unlocked as follows:

  • Community Rewards & Influencer Referrals: 49.5%

  • Founding Team and Advisors: 20%

  • Token Rounds: 15.5%

  • Liquidity: 10%

  • Treasury: 5%

Emissions and Release Schedule:

Community Incentives:

The $WAYE token will be released to the community in the following manner:

  • Airdrops

    • Community members and The OG Battlefront players will have the opportunity to earn points during the first 60 days of the game launch. Points will be converted to community tokens via 3 scheduled airdrops. 5% of the total $WAYE supply is allocated to airdrops.

  • Gameplay

    • $WAYE tokens will be issued to players as rewards for completing levels, achieving high scores, or winning competitions initially within the OG Battlefront and then expand into future games released.

  • Participation`

    • Users will be rewarded for actively engaging with the Swaye community.

    • Completing tasks such as daily logins or participating in campaigns will unlock rewards for players and encourage regular engagement.

  • Referrals

    • When a new user signs up using a unique referral code, both the referrer and the new user receive rewards.

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